Ice Skating

My youngest has been asking me, since last year, to take her ice skating.

I really like ice skating.

I remember first learning to ice skate in high school.

We had a PE class that allowed us to go off campus to learn how to bowl, how to shoot an arrow from a bow at an archery range, and how to ice skate.

I already knew how to roller skate.

I am a child of the ’70s and ’80s, so roller skating was on my weekly schedule.

I had white roller skates that I fancied up with pale blue poms.

I would tie down the tongue of the skate so that I could just slip my foot in and roll away.

Ice skating came quite naturally.

Gigi is very good at skateboarding and has been on roller skates.

She can certainly handle herself standing on a set of wheels.

So, I hope that she can stay upright on a blade that’s situated under her foot.

When we lived in Chicago, I went ice skating at outdoor rinks.

At Millennium Park.

At Navy Pier.

At the rink at the University of Chicago on the Midway Plaisance.

It’s so invigorating to ice skate outdoors.

The crisp air that keeps the ice cold and your ears tingling.

The trees that you can whiz past if you keep your knees down and your head up.

The sky!

Ice skate outdoors and look up and whoa…your heart will skip a beat.

The traffic sounds, the crowds of people walking by, the snow on the ground butted up against the edge of the rink.

If you have ever been ice skating when it’s snowing…boy oh boy!

That’s something you NEVER forget.

Cheesy as it sounds, it’s indeed magical.

There’s nothing like it.

And there’s no outdoor rink in our town.

Which is why I haven’t had it in me to take her skating yet.

We actually have been to the indoor rink that sits in our downtown civic center.

We have taken Zoe there before and I thought we had taken her little sister, but she says otherwise.

It just doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

Ice skating in a building is as exciting for me as sitting in a chair at the DMV.

There’s no magic involved when you are ice skating in a concrete arena that houses a hockey team on the weekends and flea market during the summer.

The hours are limited, the food sucks, and there is zero need for earmuffs.

I’ll take her, though.

See if she’s got any ability.

I hope she does.

Because I do have a hankering for a road trip.

I want to head north on Interstate 57 to the land of outdoor ice skating rinks.

And if the blonde girl DOES have any ability, I may be stopping off somewhere to buy her some skates with a blade.

Zoe has tried skating on blades, but it wasn’t her thing.

She had a hard time staying up.  Her ankles hurt.  Her butt hurt when she fell.  Her shoulders hurt from being so tense.

She’s older now, though, so maybe she should give it another go.

She often finds that she is actually very good at things that she self-proclaims to be horrible at.

She pretends to suck at sports, but she can certainly hold her own.

Three pairs of ice skates (yes, I know you can rent skates at public rinks but I like having my own stuff, ya know) may turn into three ice skaters who find a new passion.

We may need to build our own rink out back…cough*cough*…Man-Farmer?

Can we, can we, PLEASE?!











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