Finding Your Own Joy

November is the Thankful Month.

It’s the month that we pull aside as the time to remember what gives us joy and what gives us reason to get up each morning.

But, why do we stop and think about what we have to be thankful for in November?

This is something that we need to do every day on the calendar.

We often take our daily lives for granted.

The grind…the work…the troubles.

And the people embedded in our tornadoish lives.

Everyone seems to be so darn busy.

And there’s always someone who thinks that they are busier than the rest of us combined.

The moments melt into one another and we forget.

We forget to be thankful for the pocket-sized things.

Because it’s these moments that can mean so much more than the bigger experiences.

If we just stop…do it now.


Think about something little that makes you smile.

I’ll wait…

It can be your favorite cup of coffee…or the sensation of sitting with a purring cat…or the way the sky looks when you get up in the morning.

Remember them.

Relish them.

Savor them.

Taste them.

Here are some of the things that remind me to be grateful in this life I have the honor of living…

-fresh baked bread from my own oven

-nuzzles from our pony

-texts from friends who are far away that immediately make me laugh out loud

-crisp, juicy apples

-the extreme joy I see in my friend Jonathan in Los Angeles when I see photos of him online with his newborn son, wife, and two year old son.  He has had a hard struggle and it’s so wonderful to see him so happy.

-my husband’s handsome face

-my daughters’ arms around my neck as they still run to me for daily hugs

-my parents’ health

-wild cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, and juncos at my bird feeder

-the ability to live in a house that has so much family history

-the internet as it keeps me connected to ideas and thoughts I may not have realized I had interest in otherwise

-deer wandering into my yard and the long, thoughtful stares we exchange when they finally notice me

-Roku television

-cuddly, warm cats on my lap (sometimes in my house, that can mean three cats on my lap at one time.  good thing I have a big lap)

-my cookbooks chock full of ideas that I can bring to life

-sunrises and sunsets on clear days that remind me how small I am in this big world

-being a cancer-free home for five years

-pies and my ability to make them from scratch

-my daughters, every single thing about them

-new friends who like to lunch

-old friends who want to keep in touch

I try to be thankful every day and remind myself to do so.

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity and superficialness in today’s world.

It can be much harder to NOT let other people’s ideas of
what YOU should have in your life
what YOU should think about as important
what YOU should feel happy about
that a fog begins to cloud our visions of ourselves.

There can be a deep seated feeling that we need more.

We often feed that need so much that we forget that we probably already have enough.

It’s an individual process.

And we each have our own thanks and joys.

Always, ALWAYS keep them close to you, don’t bury them.

Then spread your heart light out into the world.

We need to see your gratitude.

Because when we see your joy, we find our own.

family2prairie sunset







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