I Want To Be A Better Mom…

Being a parent is a very difficult job.

There are so many different variables that need to be met.

Basic needs.




And those pesky EXTRAS…

Educational opportunities…check.

Music lessons…check.

A few pets at home to provide companionship and to help foster compassion…check.

Hair braiding…FAIL.

I seem to have the basics down okay.

But some of the extras can be the most challenging things in my everyday life.

Hair braiding is hard.

It’s right up there with BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS.

As a mom, I am running out of ideas for birthday parties and my hair braiding skills suck.

But, I’m a mom with short hair.

I’ve had short hair since high school and it was mainly because I didn’t know what to do with long hair.

And by looking at my kids, I still don’t know what to do with long hair.

Having daughters is so much fun.

We love to shop for shoes.

We love to dance at home and at Katy Perry concerts.

We love to wear aprons and bake stuff.

I enjoy teaching them my favorite swear words and they are very excited to practice their new vocabulary on one another.

But, braid their hair…sigh…it’s never been my best mom moment.

So, last year I bought a book.

Braids, Buns, and Twists! *authored by Christina Butcher

It’s a step-by-step guide to twisting hair around with your fingers to create fabulously fun hairstyles.

My fingers and my brain are having a hard time with this concept.

I see other girls with elaborate French braids and twists and I cry internally.

I envy their mothers and their mad braiding skills.

Why can’t I do that?

Why do my fingers suddenly turn into my toes?

Because usually when I get done with my creations it appears like I did the braiding with my feet.

And when Gigi runs to the mirror to see what I’ve done she, more than not, ends up screaming from the other room “THIS LOOKS HORRIBLE MOM!!”

Which may be why Zoe got her long hair cut off recently.

She wanted something in the “short hair club” realm.

A club I have been in for such a long time, that when my hair is growing out and starts to touch my neck, I freak out and will hunt down the scissors to cut it myself if I can’t get into a real hairstylist’s chair quickly enough.

I can do the basic braid.

One or two.

Whichever is desired.

I did do a braid crown for Zoe a few times.

I was mighty proud of that one.

Two braids, one of each side of her head, that’s then drawn up to the top of her head and held in place with bobby pins.


Bobby pins…I need to put that on my “to buy” list.

Our supply is running low.

I have had to make buns for dance recitals for my girls.

Buns can require a whole crapload of bobby pins to keep them in place.

And hairspray is your best friend when making a bun.

Along with its handy side-kick, hair gel.

Buns seem to be easier for me than braiding.

I want to do better.

I want to be a better mom.

I want to be a braiding mom.

I want Gigi to be proud of her hairstyles.

I want her golden locks to frame her beautiful face in a fancy fishtail braid.

Side note- Gigi is a true Goldilocks because she’s in everyone’s business, she breaks shit,  and she lives with three bears.


What’s a fishtail braid, you say?

It’s a complicated twisting braid that I am determined to master.

She will love it.

I think I can…

I think I can…

I think I can…

I think I can do it if my fingers cooperate and don’t turn into my toes…







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