My Week In Review…Week 2

I got such a good response to my last post that I thought I would give you an updated version today.

This one’s called My Week In Review…Week 2.

I know that the last one was so riveting and you were all thinking “GAWD!  I wish her life was my life!  So interesting!”

I know!

I get it!



And this week…

A walnut ass!

Cornstalk, the stray who stayed, went missing for two days and two nights.

We last saw him as he sauntered out the front door around 9pm on Friday.

He always waits at the back door in the morning to saunter back into the house to get his breakfast.

Saturday morning…no Cornstalk.

Saturday afternoon…no Cornstalk.

Saturday evening…no Cornstalk.


Gigi wasn’t too upset on Saturday, but she went on a walk into the woods Sunday morning to look for him.

She came back with a tear stained face.

No Corny.

My first thought was that he became a coyote’s dinner.

Or that he fell into a hole.

He’s pretty slow moving, so if he came upon a coyote or a hole, that would be it for him.

Man-Farmer (aka Chad the Husband) thought maybe he was stuck in a tree.

Because last month he ran up a tree when the dog came up to him and Man -Farmer had to get the ladder to haul him down.

He just couldn’t figure it out.

Too bad firemen don’t do that job anymore.

I bet lots of cats still get stuck in trees.

So, Man-Farmer and Gigi went into the woods Sunday morning, looking UP and DOWN and OVER THERE and BEHIND THIS…


Nothing but a sweet, sad, almost 9 year old goldilocks girl with pain in her heart where a cat had been.

Monday morning we had to get up at 6am.

It was a school holiday, but big sister Zoe had a band audition in another town and had to be at school at 7:00 to ride a bus an hour and a half south.

So, my alarm went off.

I went to the back door and opened it to let the dog out to pee and…


He came back!

For some weird reason Gigi had gotten up.

Maybe her cat-sense had alerted her?

She came into the kitchen and I said “look who’s here.”

She lit up like a cake full of candles at an 80th birthday party.

Her cat was back home.

I hope he appreciates her as much as she appreciates his fat head.

Over the summer I saw this conjoined-twin coneflower growing near the pool deck.


I was mesmerized by it.

Every other coneflower that had burst from the earth this summer in my yard was a single flower and stem.

But, not this beauty.

And then I saw this today.

walnut butt

We have a gajillion black walnut trees in our yard and about a zaquillion black walnuts on the ground.

Tripping us and hoping to crack us on the head on their way down from the branches overhead.

It’s a conjoined-twin walnut.

It’s a butt!

Doesn’t it look like a butt?

It’s a butt-nut.


Zoe wanted to get her hair cut short.

She always had it up in a pony tail.

She had said she wanted to get an asymmetrical type cut.

Shorter on one side and longer on the other.

We found a picture online of some young gal with the style she wanted.

And I was doing an inner cartwheel because I have a short asymmetrical haircut and somewhere in my mind I was thinking “she wants to be like me!”

But, it probably had absolutely nothing to do with me.

She would surely tell you that.

Now, as a person with short hair and as someone who’s had short hair since the mid 1980s, I can tell you this…

It can be VERY hard to find a stylist who is willing to cut your hair short.


I think they are afraid to cut too short and therefore don’t always go as short as is wanted.

And I come from the camp of…it’s hair, it grows back.

Cut it short.

So, Zoe got her hair whacked off, but it’s not as short in the back as she wanted it.

And so yet again, the problem of the “afraid to snip too short” stylist has entered our lives.

It’s a cute cut.

It’s not exactly the picture we showed her.

But, it’s good.

And she looks fab.

Her smile says it all.

short hair

And for a girl who had trouble growing her hair (because she lost it three times going through chemotherapy treatments) I was totally apprehensive about her cutting it.

She reassured me that it would grow back.

It had grown longer than her oncologist had predicted.

He didn’t think it would grow past her shoulders.

Cranial radiation can do that to ya.

But, just as she beat all other odds stacked against her, her hair grew past her shoulders.

She confidently placed herself into the salon chair and let the scissors do their work.

Next time, she wants it to be shorter.

I’m happy that she allowed her old mom some leeway into her foray of the soon-to-be-teen life she’s venturing into.

She’s a swell gal like that.

In fact, she’s the most amazing person I know.

Sometimes she’s more in charge than I am.

More mature.

And sometimes I have to remind her to be a kid.

Our house is small and we don’t have an extra room for the kids to work in.

No playroom.

No work studio.

No nothing.

So, Gigi uses our kitchen table for all of her projects.

Currently her side of the table looks like this…

gigis table

She’s in her slime and geocaching phases currently.

She regularly makes slime using glue and laundry detergent.

The addition of glitter provides sparkle.

Small rubber bands and plastic beads add texture and sound when the slime is squished around in one’s hands.

Geocaching is a hobby that she does with her dad.

Man-Farmer has an app on his phone that allows the two of them to find treasures hidden by strangers anywhere.

And I mean anywhere.

With a general idea on a location and possible a clue about it’s whereabouts, they search on electric poles that are situated down country roads and in bushes located in Central Park.

Searching for little containers that a stranger has hidden.

She finds what’s been hidden and she opens her bag that she carries on her shoulder.

A denim purse she won at school last year in her classroom.

A purse that her teacher undoubtedly didn’t use anymore, but a purse that a child would find to be SO COOL.

In her bag she has treasures, treasures to add to the geocache containers she finds.

Little erasers in the shapes of penguins and kites.

Small tokens of nature or a tiny martian figurine.

Usually the container holds a small strip of paper that Gigi will write the date on that she found the geocache.

And she adds her geocache name, which is also her YouTube name.

Yes, the kid has a YouTube channel.

Rainbow Pandas.

Check it out.

Click right here to get a glimpse into an 8 year old’s mind.

Don’t forget the S at the end of Panda.

It makes all the difference.

There’s even a video with her claw machine seen in the above photo.

So, my dining room table contains slime and geocache materials.

The joys of a girl with golden hair.

Who has a cat named Cornstalk.













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