Horse Teeth and Television

Nothing is really happening these days and we are completely happy with that.

Some days I wake up and find that the most important thing on my “to-do” list is to clean out the chicken coop.

The farm vet came out to our place last week.

The goats and the horse get shots every year.

The horse gets a west nile and rabies shot…bats and mosquitos are plentiful in their neck of the woods…their stall is right at the base of the neck that extends into the forest behind the barn.

The goats get some sort of combo shot to prevent goat diseases.  I don’t even know what’s in it.  Chasing a goat around a barn stall exerts a lot of energy and as the vet didn’t bring a technician with her, I was her helper.

The barn cats (who are our 6 year old kittens) got their rabies shots.  I give them their feline distemper/combo shots every year.  I but them from the farm supply store and inject them when they are sleeping soundly on someone’s’ bed in the house.   The barn cats spend most of their daylight hours sleeping in our house.

Cornstalk is our newest cat and I gave him his feline distemper/combo shot last week.  He’s FIV Positive and can be treated medically just like any other cat.  I know this because one of my besties is a cat veterinarian in Chicago and I trust every single thing she has to say about cats…always.

We met when I was a tech (at the hospital in the link I just gave ya so that you can learn about FIV in cats) and it was her first big job out of animal college.

We hit it off tremendously.

That was 16 years ago.

Cornstalk is going to be neutered and get his rabies shot next month.

He’s a stray who has decided to stay.

The horse needed to have her teeth filed down.

It’s called “teeth floating”. I don’t know why it’s called that, but it did need to be done.

All I know about horses I have learned from the book Horses For Dummies.

I know a lot about cats and little about ponies.

That book has been a saving grace for me.

Buttercup’s teeth were not bad.  The molars on the top and bottom in the back of her mouth were starting to get points on them.  She’s a lucky pony in that in the 6 years that we have had her, she’s never needed this procedure before.  The farm vet that there are some horses that need their teeth floated every 6 months!  If the back molars in a horse develop points on them then it becomes harder for them to eat their food.  They may drop grain out of their mouths and lose weight.

Buttercup has not been dropping grain (that she only gets in the winter, by the way) and is a hefty sized pony.

But, I didn’t want her teeth to start getting worse or to affect her eating so the vet floated her teeth.

She gave her an IV injection in her neck vein of a light sedative.

Nothing that caused her to want to lie down.

Just enough sedative to make her happy and groggy.

Horsey happy.

She then stuck this large metal apparatus into her mouth.

She called it a speculum.

I suppressed a giggle at that because that was one hell of a speculum.

Nothing at all like the speculum that I have seen at my doctor!

I had to hold the horse’s tongue to one side as the vet used a super long dremel drill with a flat file-type attachment on the opposite side of her mouth.


Then we switched sides.

Then Buttercup got her mouth rinsed out with some water from a super big syringe.

That was that and I wrote out a check for a lot of money (oy!) and everyone was fine for the rest of the day.

Tonight on PBS the Ken Burns documentary about the Vietnam War begins.

It’s a multi-night event.

I’m not even sure how multi-night it is, but I’m going to watch the whole thing.

As is Man-Farmer (he and I were little, little when the war was underway) and our 12 year old will be watching with us.

She’s been told that viewing is not an option and all electronics are to be put away.

In fact, her phone will be hidden from her because I’m going to get to it before she does and I’m going to hide it.

History is much more important than her Pinterest boards.

Speaking of television, I am anticipating with twitter-patted feet the return of Poldark to PBS and also the show The Durrells in Corfu.

PBS is my main-thang.

They seem to have had a lull for me this summer after The Great British Baking Show ended its season.  But, the fall season looks engaging.

I don’t watch the main television channels much at all.

I always tune into CBS’s Morning Show during the week.  Their segments are longer than the other morning programs and there’s not a lot of fluff.  Fluff being celebrities and cooking junk.

My new favorite addiction is Outlander on Starz.

The show just began its third season.

I just began watching season two.  Finished up with season one last week.

It’s a period piece and I LOVE a period piece.  It switches between the 1940s in England with the 1700s in Scotland.  Season two has the characters living in Paris, France.


There are attractive actors having lots of hot sex and they wear amazing costumes.

Double Swoon.

The television series is based on the book series by the same title, written by Diana Gabaldon.

My friend Heather has read the series, loves it (she’s of Scottish ancestry and eats up anything to do with The Highlands) and I have been intrigued by it.  When I saw the show I just dove into it.

Autumn begins next week and while the weather has been warm this weekend (almost 90 degrees) I know that cooler days are coming.

Which will lead to colder evenings.

Which will lead to more togetherness for this small family living in this small house on this small acreage in Illinois.


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