Nothing Summer

Well, I’m doing a whole lot of nothing.

Which is fine with me.

The school year can get very busy when you have kids.

As another mom and I were discussing this week as we sat waiting for volleyball camp to end for the day, the school year gets HECTIC and for her, her summer seems just as hectic.

Not mine.

I haven’t signed my kids up for too many activities.

Now, last summer I didn’t sign them up for anything.




They drove me crazy by the end of June.

They like structure.

They like school.

But, in the summer without the structure of a school day, they get lazy and cranky and they start to bother one another just by glancing in the others direction and then I get bothered by the cranky, lazy girls in my house.

And mama doesn’t like to be bothered.

So, this summer Gigi is doing tumbling and had a three-day volleyball camp (where she was the only third grader to receive a medal on the last day-BOOYAH!), and in July she starts swimming lessons.

The girl can swim, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and learning actual swimming strokes and safety is very important to us as we have a large pool in our backyard.

Zoe has had nothing to do in June, but is going to start the Junior Lifeguard program in July.

She’s a very good swimmer (we tried to get her to join the local swim team a few years ago, but she declined as she didn’t want to have to race other people…whatevs…) and I think she would be a great lifeguard when she’s a bit older.

And lifeguards are needed everywhere…in every town…in every city.

She will be golden when she goes to college, right?!

zoe flower

Neither kid would allow themselves to be signed up for the summer reading program at the library this year.

And neither kid is doing much reading even though their parents are…I just finished a great book about Paris and now I’m reading Andy Cohen’s latest bio (I love him and think we should be friends) while Man-Farmer is reading some story about a witch and before that he was reading Salem’s Lot from Stephen King.

But, these kids seem to have forgotten how to read and instead are watching YouTube videos on our television where this girl Miranda who has TOO MUCH red lipstick on and her bestie Joey are eating flavored toothpaste.

I have learned to fight my battles.

This is not one of them.

I just hope they don’t start eating our toothpaste.

Tomorrow they leave for a week.

They are off to summer camp!

“YAY FOR SUMMER CAMP!” screamed the parents.

Oh, I mean…”YAY FOR SUMMER CAMP!” screamed the sisters.

They will be gone all week and they will NOT be watching TV, but instead will be canoeing, zip lining, swimming, baking cupcakes, making rock earrings, and getting completely filthy.

One year, Zoe wore the same pair of shorts all week.

Even though her suitcase had 8 other pairs in it.

I have reminded her every year since to “PLEASE change your clothes every day, girl!”

Before we know it, August will be here and we will be registering for school again.

Third and Seventh grade.

Soon I will be at Target buying more notebooks and folders with cats on them and Gigi will probably need a new backpack as she broke two last year.

How does a child who only weighs 66 pounds destroy two backpacks in one school year?


Zoe has broken two pairs of flip-flops in the last two days.

See, she needs a job already.

To buy herself more shoes.

While they are away at camp, I will go through the bedroom that they share throwing away things that they don’t even remember that they own.

I’ll think about which day will be the best to go to the trampoline place to jump around when they get back in July.

The first week of July will be our busiest week of the summer I think…

-We are having a Fourth of July party with family which will end with some crazy fireworks that my dad buys in Missouri.

-Gigi has an appointment for new ear plugs as she gets swimmers ear if she doesn’t wear custom plugs and I don’t think the plugs she has right now are fitting anymore.  And I know this because Man-Farmer had to take her to urgent care last weekend because she has swimmer’s ear for the first time in three years.

-Zoe has an echocardiogram scheduled.  Leukemia and the effects of the treatments she received still enter our lives on occasion.  We need to make sure her heart is in working order and hasn’t been damaged from some of the drugs she was given.

-Zoe starts attending a creative writing class at the local community college.  She writes regularly on her laptop with her friend Avril…they write stories together at the same time from their respective homes.  Technology is pretty neat.

-And we are attending the Antiques Roadshow!

Man-Farmer FINALLY won tickets in their lottery.  He’s been trying for three years and was so disgusted last year when he didn’t get any tickets that he boycotted watching the show on PBS.

But, this is the year!  We will be attending the roadshow in St. Louis.  We can take four things with us and it’s been hard to decide what to take.  We have settled on three seemingly old artifacts for sure, but can’t decide on the fourth item.  We live in a house with a lot of old stuff.

Having a free schedule allows us to enjoy our lives.

We can swim in our pool.

Or go to a local zoo.

We can eat yogurt with endless toppings for lunch if we chose.

Or we can host Zoe’s birthday party in July with a few of her friends.

Her birthday was in February, but she wanted a pool party.

A belated party is better than no party, I say.

And what better way to spend a summer day than laughing with your friends in your pool while your dad cooks hamburgers on the grill for you.

Summer is meant to be less stressful than the rest of the year.

The heat makes doing much of anything, besides licking ice cream cones or sipping on cold bottles of beer, fairly unbearable.

Our air conditioner still isn’t working.

We have had a few days where the heat in the house gets stuffy and everyone is walking around practically nude.

But, we are coping.

For me, summer means warm days and watermelon.

Flowers are in bloom, the ducks are swimming, and the black raspberries are ripe.


Summer brings us beautiful sunsets full of every color under the rainbow.

prairie sunset

It means my family is all together all day long.

It feels like the coolness of a museum or a library when it’s just too hot to be outside anymore.

It sounds like tunes blaring from a speaker that you can hear from any room in the house.

It means fireflies and bats at sunset and kids falling asleep on the living room couch.

Summer – what does it mean for you?

I hope you’re having a good one…








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