Finding Peace In The Heat

The heat of summer has struck early this year.

The temperature has been in the 90s with that “real feel” feeling of *surface of the sun.

There has been a lovely breeze that has been gusting up to about 20+MPH and that has helped tremendously.

And when I mean it has helped, I mean that our A/C has gone out and the breeze has made living life in the heat bearable.

Our air conditioning unit is ancient.

It’s literally falling apart…like the wire screening that surrounds the unit is shedding away.

The fan has stopped working.

The expense of fixing it isn’t worth it.

We just need to purchase a new unit.

Thankfully we have a large vat of water in the backyard to help us cool down.

And we are surrounded by trees and grass instead of concrete and asphalt.

I’m trying to look on the bright side of things.

I could bitch and complain and huff and puff about the fact that the A/C has gone out.

I could scrunch my face into a grimace and yell from the top of my barn “I’M HOT!” because we don’t have the money to replace the unit.

…yes, we have looked into programs to help us cover the cost of getting a new unit and it’s (of course) not going as smoothly as it should be going…

So, I have plugged in the fans.

I have told everyone to wear tank tops.

Gigi usually only wears her unders when she’s in the house so she’s not really fazed.

duck pool

The heat has made the chickens grumpy.

The flies are attacking the horse relentlessly.

I have been baking a few things in the oven, but we are trying to use the grill as much as possible.

This is the perfect situation in which I can find my zen.

And pass it along to my kids.

And to remind them to stay calm.

To remind them that there are more pressing matters at hand in the world.

That our home, that’s not in the desert or in a third-world slum, will still be habitable even if we don’t have air conditioning this summer.

That our situation is not that dire in terms of the big picture.

The big picture being our overall place on this earth.


Cool water—check

Clean clothes—check


Health—check, check, check, check


Laughter—check infinity…

The air conditioning may get fixed this year.

It may have to wait until next year.

We may wait longer to get it fixed.

I would rather take a vacation to The Grand Canyon via New Mexico next summer than have a new A/C unit right now.

We only need the cold air 4 months out of the year.

But a vacation…that happiness lasts forever.

pool with cat






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