64 Duck Eggs

Spring has sprung at the farm!

It’s 82 degrees today!  Woot Woot!

Easter is tomorrow and, as we aren’t religious, we will partake in the day by eating a big ol’ ham and a blueberry lemon cake and talking about a large bunny that came in the night and hid the 64 duck eggs we colored yesterday.

When you have laying poultry in your backyard, as we do, and there are only three people in the house who eat eggs (as one has decided to be egg intolerant…thanks Gigi) we have a lot of extra duck eggs around.

So, we colored 64 duck eggs this year and one chicken egg.


I don’t know why only one chicken egg made it into my boiling pots this year.

The duck eggs we have are a pale green and white.

We have two different types of ducks in our barnyard.

We have Daffy who is an Indian Runner Duck and Patty who is a Khaki Campbell breed.


Daffy is the small white duck on the right and Patty is standing in front of her.

Daffy lays the white eggs and Patty lays the pale green eggs.

Our chickens, we are down to four hens as Tallulah died last week, all lay brown eggs.

Our hens are New Hampshire Reds and Light Brahmas.


Yesterday we dyed our eggs and ended up with some big, beautiful globes and some fingers that don’t look as fancy.

egg baths

We dye our eggs by just dipping our hands into the dye baths to retrieve our art pieces.

It’s all a part of my “who gives a shit” philosophy of life.

Hands wash.

It’s fine.

Gigi made a beautiful egg with a beautiful sentiment.

It reassures me that I’m doing the right thing with my daughters when I see things like this…

gigi egg

Love Yourself


easter eggs1

easter eggs2

easter eggs3

All of the color inside the house inspired me to go outside the house and find color in nature.

I love warm weather.

And do wish I lived somewhere that didn’t have such cold seasons.

But, it may be why I (and all other Northerners) cherish the arrival of spring each year with just a bit more verve.






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