I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore

My friend Leslie has made a monumental discovery.

She has discovered leggings.

She can NOT believe that it has taken her so long to discover the joy of leggings or jeggings (which are thin denim pants with lots of lycra/stretch in them) and it’s as if her life has taken on new meaning.

She’s seen THE light.

She has always worn jeans.

And she has always hated wearing the jeans.

Bulky denim that doesn’t bend with you and that keeps needing to be hitched up at the waist.

So, she’s going for the leggings look now.

And she’s talked about the self-confidence that it will take for her to wear the leggings instead of the jeans.

I discovered jeggings last year myself and I’m hooked for life.

Now, here’s where the self-confidence comes into play.

Neither Leslie or I wear a size 2.

Or a size 4.

Or hell, we aren’t even a size 8.

That ship has sailed waaaaay out to sea for both of us.

In order to wear jeggings or leggings, and you know you are not a size 8, one must possess self-confidence.

Or as I like to call it “I don’t really give a shit what other people think of me as I wear these super comfy pants.”

And I stopped caring what other people thought of me a few years ago.

As I’ve written about before in my blog, I don’t color my hair anymore.

And I hadn’t really noticed how gray it had become until a few weeks ago.

Gigi took some photos as I was cleaning the horse’s hooves and my head was down.

The top of my head is so gray and I didn’t realize it because I can’t see up that high.

I don’t look at my head from behind or from the top (who does that?).

And, to be 100% honest with ya, I was taken aback.

“WOW-My hair is so gray!” I declared to Man-Farmer.

“Yes.  Yes it is” he stoically replied (most of his replies come out stoically unless he’s talking about baseball or morel mushrooms.)

It stopped me in my tracks for a bit.

And I’ve looked at the photos a few more times staring at the top of my head.




But, I’m not gonna do it.

I’m not going to get it colored.



No, No, NO, NO!

I’m going to be confident and I’m going to be keep the gray and I’m going to embrace it even more than I have in the past.

I’m going to keep a short and angular haircut…my new fave way to wear my hair is to keep it super short on the right side and to grow it longer on the left where I have this funky cowlick at my part (which my poor daughter Zoe has inherited…Sorry!)…and I’m going to rock the gray.

I hope.

A few young girls at my daughter’s school where I work two hours a day have told me that I have grannie grays.

sigh…girls, we need to talk…

Is this not saying something that GIRLS are telling me, another GIRL, that my hair is not the right color?

I know kids have a habit of saying whatever is on their mind…but minds may need to change.

I gave them a mini-lecture on the importance of girls deciding for themselves how they want to look and that it’s okay for any woman at any age to have any hair color that she wants to have.  And that most of the women that they know have fake hair color because they dye it and blah, blah, blah…

By this time the grannie gray insulters have their mouths agape and I’m being stared at as if I’m senile and making zero sense and that I should take my grannie gray head to the old folks home and lock the door behind me.

Self-confidence people!

Wear those leggings!

Stop coloring your hair!

Cut your hair super short!

Grow it past your ass!

Want to go braless?

Do It!

Be a working mom!

Be a stay-at-home mom!

Wear a belly shirt!

Who gives a shit!

And if you are going to be the woman who judges another woman for doing any of the aforementioned things, then you need to work on YOUR self-confidence.

Because we need to stand up for each other.

No more knocking down those that are different from you.

We need to wear our pussy hats on our gray heads and color-coordinate (or not because I don’t like to match) them with our leggings.

And we need to tell each other how great we look.

Even if it’s something you yourself may not want to wear.

We need to say “you’re awesome” to one another more often.

Because girls, no matter how old we are, need to hold one another up.

zoe dance friends









4 thoughts on “I’m Not A Size 8 Anymore

  1. YOU ARE AWESOME! Okay, since I was born with a head of jet-black hair, my first gray showed itself while I was still in high school. It just kept on coming. One day about a decade later my brutally honest toddler all strapped into his car seat said, MOMMY: Your hair is so GRAY! Thanks for that, kid. I started coloring it, and kept on coloring it, for years, until it started to look *damaged.* Then before my first teacher training at ABT I had an epiphany: what if I QUIT DYING MY HAIR and CUT IT REALLY SHORT LIKE ANNIE LENNOX? Because, well, Annie Lennox rocks. So I DID! And I never looked back! And it was awesome because I went to NYC for ten days without a hair dryer! And then the next summer a now-famous guy made my head shot (which is right up there attached to my name), and his makeup artist said, Love the GRANITE! Took me a minute. But then I thought, Yes! Granite: timeless and classic. So I would say to your young female whipper snappers that their mom is rocking granite hair. Boom. And it is so liberating!!!!

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