The Stink of Spring

The first day of Spring arrives today.

Good gravy, it felt like Spring was here last month!

Then, WHAM!

The winds picked back up heralding in cold gushes of air.

My flowers were emerging from the semi-hard ground and green bursts of color could be seen all over our yard.

Then the white stuff fell from the sky.

Everyone hates snow in March.


Especially when you had been out throwing tennis balls with that stick thingy (so I don’t have to actually touch the slobbery ball) for the dog while wearing sandals, 4 weeks prior.

We ran around looking for things to cover the greenery that signaled Spring Flowers so that the cold wouldn’t shorten their newly blossoming life.


Plastic wading pools (sorry, ducks).

Tarps held down by rakes started doting our yard.

We didn’t get as much snow as the East coast (Thank You Baby Jesus!) and it melted rather quickly.

Gigi did manage to build a little snowman in the front yard.

And the kids managed to break the only sled we had left…Gigi had broken the other sled a few months prior when it was warm enough to play outside without a coat in January and had used it to ride on as she went down her big yellow slide.

gigi slide

I’ve noticed that the orange lilies that surround our parking area, which had sprouted green towards the sky, now look as if they are bleached.

The bright green color is gone and the leaves are resembling lettuce that’s been in your crisper past its prime.

I hope the orange lilies show up later to start our summer.

The plants that we had covered still look crisp and green and ready to continue growing heartily.

Spring is a time for new growth  and we have decided to get some new furniture for our living room.

We haven’t had new furniture since before we moved here.

My aunt gave us a chair my uncle had recently bought before he passed away a few years ago.

It’s the Go-To Chair in the living room.

We lovingly call it The Jeff Chair, to remind us of it’s prior owner.

The couch we have came with this house and my nephew, who is 30, has been photographed sitting on this couch when he was a wee lad.

So, it’s at least 30 years old.


The new couch is being delivered on Wednesday and we brought home a cow print chair on Friday when we were furniture shopping.

I moved most of Gigi’s tiny toys out of the living room and into her bedroom.

I’m hoping that they stay in there for at least a few months.

We haven’t had the windows open since probably October.

Five months ago.

It smells like feet, farts, and wet dog in the bedrooms.

We have had the front and back doors open to the screen door setting a few times in the last couple of months since it’s been warm.

But, then it snowed.

And the doors closed back up.

And, when you live in an environment that has actual seasons that go from warmish to hot to cool to cold, you count down the days to the warmish days that will greet you upon awakening in the morning.

I need to open the windows.

I need the breeze to swoosh through our hallways to remove the odors that start permeating our lives and our nostrils.

I need the feet and farts and dog smells to be vanquished forever.

But, unfortunately, they will be back.

In a year I’ll be pleading with Man-Farmer to “please let us open the windows!”

He is a stickler about saving energy, saving propane that heats our abode.

But the stagnant air that hovers over our heads needs expelled.

Fresh air creates fresh ideas and I’m ready.

I have a lot inside that’s brewing and I need warm days and green trees and sunshine to get going.

I’m SO ready.

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